Monday, 24 November 2014


It's been one of those Mondays

when you'd quite fancy

crawling back into the lull

of the weekend. 

Little mistakes here,

clumsy wordings there,

fatigue from a sleepless night. 

Snow and rest landed at the weekend,

and with them that sweet feeling simmering beneath the surface

of the season ahead. 

An urge to begin to fill the house

with winter flowers and branches

and candlelight,

and meet up with friends 

for some punch or mulled wine

against the dark, twinkling backdrop 

of café-lined streets

and people hurrying by. 

So here I sit and take a deep breath,

retreating into a world of images inside one's head

and inside one's soul,

no matter what goes on on the outside.

Requiring no clumsy explanations. 


Thursday, 20 November 2014


"Winter is on my head,

but eternal spring is in my heart."

- Victor Hugo

Photoraphy:  Marie Hochhaus for Elise Hameau

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Some low-light snaps 

from Father's Day weekend gone by.

Friends round for roast lamb

followed by pavlova, a walk around the bay

 and a glass of port.

Darkness descends so early now,

it's not even five, as I write this,

but it looks like the midnight hour.

Hands busy with things I love to do,

taking the edge off any season,

but there's definitely a subdued quality

to these days and weeks. 

Last week I took a friend to the studio

- now there's a form of light therapy

that ignites with plenty of energy. 

Two hours of pure fun, 

and a pleasure to focus 

on someone you love so much

in all her charisma and 

total lack of feeling self-conscious. 

That's one quality of photography

that fills me with a buzz

- the privilege of people.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Le Marché St. George

Loving the tender & light-filled delights

 sweet suppers & Sunday dinners 

with family & friends

written all over.


Monday, 3 November 2014

We need the tonic of wildness...

I've been taking deeper breaths

between two bigger jobs.

Found my way to a pond,

where lily pads now lay heavy

under an ample sprinkling of pine needles. 

Wandering around 

in my favourite pair of grey woolly socks,

allowing my mind 

 to drift wherever it may wish. 

Olen ottanut syviä henkäyksiä

kahden isomman rupeaman välissä.

Löytänyt tien lammelle,

jossa lumpeenlehdet olivat

männynneulasten kuormasta painuksissa.

Haahuillut villasukissa

ja antanut ajatusten harhailla

 ihan minne haluavat.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday House Tour

Today the rain is beating on the windows

and the day's begun with a good amount of coffee

and getting totally inspired 

by Malin Persson's home 

These images came via The Way We Play,

and you'll find plenty more there.

A sweet Sunday everyone!


Saturday, 1 November 2014

1st of November

First of November knocked on the door gently,

leaving a tender reflection on the bedroom door. 

A long walk in an area of abandoned houses,

the cold air bestowing  rose-kissed cheeks

and turning fingers and toes cold to the bone.

I do love the notion of November,

slowly stripping the trees and the landscape

to their bare bones,

beckoning with its greys and silence. 

Marraskuu kolkutti ovelle hellästi

jättäen  häilyvän heijastuksen makuuhuoneen oveen. 

Pitkä ja rauhaisa kävelylenkki

ränsistyneiden huviloiden keskuudessa.

Kylmyys punasi posket

ja jäi jäytämään sormiin ja varpaisiin. 

Marraskuussa on jotain erityisen kiehtovaa.

Riisuu puut ja maiseman alastomiksi,

ottaa harmaassa hiljaisuudessaan haltuunsa. 

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