Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Still a few days left
of November,
 secret silent.

1., 6. & 7. unknown

2. Ralph Lauren A/W collection 1988 in The Sunday Times Magazine

5. via

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Popping by to say hello
& I haven't forgotten you... 

A few lovely links to brighten a grey day -

So much to adore over at Grey Magazine


Thursday, 12 November 2015


There are places
& then there are places like Atelier September,
where the light streams through arched windows,
the music plays softly, 
the food looks as fresh & delicate
as it tastes,
sprinkled with sprigs of mint
snapped from a little bush that's in bloom.

Where you end up returning
the next day,
having already decided to make it a regular haunt
whenever in town. 

With these it's so long Copenhagen
& thank you my dear reader for tagging along!


Sunday, 8 November 2015


"If Copenhagen were a person,
that person would be
but with a flair.
A human being
that has certain propensities
for quarrelling,
filled with imagination
and with an appetite for the new
and with respect for the old -
somebody who takes good care
of things and people."
- Connie Nielsen

2 & 11  Fil de Fer 

3 & 8  Inside the Marble Church

12 Staircase leading to The Apartment

(All places I can warmly recommend
the next time you're in town.) 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Next time you go to Copenhagen -
go, go, go to Glyptoteket

Its wings & floors
are filled with antique sculpture,
works by Rodin,
currently also a special exhibit of Degas' dancers... 

And at the heart of it all,
tranquil winter gardens
with a café where we indulged in
 strawberry tart, coffee
& a moment's respite 
from the miles of walking
& bustle just outside 
the impressive entrance.

Degas' Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer
with her real tutu & ribbon in her hair
was captivating.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Two ladies of leisure,
three uninterrupted days
to wander around the streets of Copenhagen.
We'd wake up early
like two bright-eyed children
on Christmas morning. 
Then off we'd set 
in search of our morning coffee & porridge
in one of the cafés in town.
The kinds of places
where they sprinkle on 
a handful of fresh berries, 
shavings of coconut
& a swirl of cinnamon-infused syrup. 

Then we'd walk & we'd talk, 
spot of lunch, a coffee or two.
Back to the hotel 
for the wine hour they bestow upon their guests,
before heading out to dinner. 
Clambering back to the hotel,
feet aching, 
church bells ringing
to mark the midnight hour. 
Two ladies of leisure
on cloud nine. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


We leave behind our nests of linen sheets
& usual humdrum. 
 A drive through a landscape 
of silver roads,
silent lakes
& birch trees dripping in gold. 

Suddenly a field
with hundreds of swans 
before taking flight
to faraway lands.

The most spine-tingling
sight & sound

We land in my parents' quiet house
& fill it with all that noise & bustle
that a family with children
tends to without even noticing.

They don't seem to mind.
There's tenderness in their eyes.

Traces of autumn everywhere you look,
silently nudging to a quieter place inside.
If summer fills you with a certain restlessness,
autumn seems to bring you back home.

The odd thing is that as a rest takes hold of heart & soul,
it's as if you gain wings to soar.

A silence & a pulsating feeling of freedom.


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